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Anything Not Everything - Day 5

Whatever we ask? At first glance, this verse seems to make a promise that if we pray for anything “in...

Anything Not Everything - Day 4

God empowers ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

This is a timeless truth! Following Jesus is not outdated. People change, culture...

Anything Not Everything - Day 3

For more than three years, Jesus had been with the disciples. He had raised the dead, cast out devils, healed...

Anything Not Everything - Day 2

Jesus addressed the fear of the disciples by offering them hope. Even though he was going away, he had a...

Anything Not Everything - Day 1

In the previous chapter, Jesus told his disciples that he would be leaving them. He also told Peter he would...

Passwords to Peace - Day 5

Paul adds as part of our prayer time to be thankful, to have gratitude because he knows how powerful it...


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