Anything Not Everything - Day 1


"Don’t worry or surrender to your fear."

John 14:1

In the previous chapter, Jesus told his disciples that he would be leaving them. He also told Peter he would deny Jesus three times. Neither of these sounded like good news. Yet, in the midst of this dramatic change and huge uncertainty, Jesus challenged them: Don't give in to fear!

Jesus leaving?!! Brave and bold Peter denying Jesus?!! What hope would there be for the other disciples? This was not news they wanted to hear, but it was what they needed to hear. It is easy to receive a word when it's something we desire, but we quickly push back when it's not what we want. Covid, politics, the future -- all of this can have us worried. The road ahead is not easy. Struggle is guaranteed. But surrender is optional.

Never surrender to fear! If you surrender to fear you surrender your future. And God has an amazing future for you if you just keep on keeping on. Today, make up your mind to never give in, and never give up! Write this out as a personal declaration in your journal.