Blessed, But Not Blessed – Day 3


[Blessed is the one] ... whose delight is in the law of the Lord and who meditates on his law day and night. 

Psalm 1:2

We may not often think of delight when we think of "law." But the Psalmist tells us that we're blessed if we delight in God's law and meditate on it. The fact is, we can develop a taste for it.

What's easier to do: eat poorly by grabbing fast food? Or eat healthy and clean? Though we may want to eat clean, it's natural or easier to do the opposite. That's true with everything in life -- including sin! Valuing delayed reward is a key to having a successful life: pay the price now and enjoy the joy later. Doing the right thing as a follower of Jesus is often a delayed reward. Most addicts know, drugs are best in the early days -- the first few times of getting high. That's the law of diminishing return that sin offers: everything good up front, and then it fizzles. But with God, it's the opposite: starts out good, but keep doing it, and it gets better and better. He's not trying to cheat us out of fun, yet we can find true happiness if we do it his way.
What are you finding delight in? What does your heart truly long for?” Delighting in healthy things will produce joy. But don't just delight -- meditate! You can meditate on God's word by repeating it, reciting it and thinking about it. The benefits of doing that? God's word will make you strong when you feel weak; renew your hope when you feel depressed; refill your faith when it has been fractured; help you hang on when you're ready to let go; give you courage to get back into the fight. No matter what unhealthy struggles you're facing today, his word will help you develop a taste for his ways to live a more joyful life.