Brutal Scars & Beautiful Stories – Day 5


They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony ... 

Revelation 12:11

Jesus turns our scars into weapons. In fact, Revelation tells us we triumph over our enemy. How? By Jesus' blood AND by our testimony. Jesus changes things: he changed water into wine, fear into faith and wounds into weapons. Just as Jesus defeated death, our scars reveal our victory. They contain great power!

Our scars show the battles we've fought: maybe it's the trauma of an eviction or the pain of a separation. Jesus moved Thomas from doubt to faith; the disciples from fear to hope; and Mary Magdalene from tears to love. Faith. Hope. Love. We all have some measure of faith because when we get into our car and drive up to an intersection, we have faith that the other car will stop at the red light. We have faith that our employer will pay us. We have faith. But what is our faith in? Good things? Or God? Wherever your faith lies -- no matter how big or how small -- Jesus steps into our faith moments and meets us at the level we're at and raises up our faith to the level it could be. Think about most of our prayers; they often boil down to: Jesus, give me a life where I don't need you. Give me a life where I don't need to go to you for my daily bread. Instead, what if we prayed: Use my scars. They've cost me so much, and I don't want to waste them. We see our scars, and we think it eliminates us from God working through us ... from purpose to destiny. But our scars make us who we are: God's masterpiece.

Do you see God's masterpiece in your life and in your scars? To create a beautiful piece of art, the artist does not need beautiful material, he just needs to see beauty in the material. God sees so much beauty in you. Where others see scars and things you're trying to hide and cover up, God is saying to you today: I see your beauty. Don't be ashamed of your scars; they are your story and your weapon. Your scars make you the overcomer that you are.