Father Knows Best – Day 1


My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years, and bring you peace and prosperity.

Proverbs 3:1-2

Proverbs 3 is written from the context of a father talking to a son or a parent talking to her child. It contains MORE than just fatherly advice -- it's divinely inspired advice! "Listen to your father or pay attention to your mother, for the words we speak give life." The father presents principles and reward that are universally true -- not inevitably true -- an if... then scenario: if you don't forget my teaching, if you keep my commands in your heart ... then you will prolong your life ... then you will have peace and prosperity.

Fatherhood today is undervalued; our culture doesn't honor fathers too much. Dads provide children wisdom and responsibility. Life-giving principles that offer freedom, success and peace. Is it no wonder the world seems a bit more unruly? A father's strength, passion for sacrifice, protection, love and wisdom demonstrate how our lives can be measured with riches and abundance. We learn things like how to do good without waiting for a pat on the back. We learn how to make something difficult look smooth or routine when God calls us to do something hard. Or we learn how to have poise under pressure -- win or lose. If there's a war on fatherhood, there's a war on the kind of wisdom that brings us the peace, prosperity and prolonged life we long for.

Earthly fathers want something better for their children -- just as your heavenly father wants something better for you, too! You may not have benefited from an earthly father who imparted wisdom and responsibility to you, but you do have a heavenly father who longs to impart his perfect wisdom into your life. You have a calling to learn from his word and to grow in your relationship with him by practicing his key lessons. Today, think about one decision you're facing right now. Are there ways you can you rely on God that you might not already be doing? He knows the best choice. He has the right perspective. And he certainly knows best. Spend time in prayer this week, and let God help you make the best choice.