Knocking on Heaven's Door – Day 4

SEEK // JUNE 16, 2022

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you."

Matthew 7:7

Jesus encouraged us to seek, saying if we do, we WILL find. That's a promise, and God is a promise-keeper. If he says it, we can believe he will do it. Though some may feel like God is playing a game of hide and seek where he isn't found or where he's far off, distant or aloof, that isn't how God works. That mindset comes from culture; he's not playing with us or hiding from us. If we seek the true God of the bible -- not some false god or god the world is feeding us -- then he isn't hiding. He's closer than a brother.

What are we genuinely seeking? Money? Meaning in life? Some might think: When I get money, I'll be happy. But money tends to produce more stress! Others might think where they find fulfillment is where they'll find meaning in life. Are we seeking provision or purpose to come alive? Matthew tells us in chapter 6 to seek first God's kingdom and righteousness, and we'll be fed, clothed and provided for. Are we seeking those things, or are we seeking a relationship with Jesus? Are we seeking what the world has for the good things or for God things? What are we seeking and where are we looking? Are we trying to find peace in all the wrong places? Peace may come with resources, but resources don't provide peace. Mr. or Mrs. Right won't provide peace. Parents: kids certainly won't provide peace. If we're seeking in wrong places, it's no wonder that like the Rolling Stones, we can't get no satisfaction!  

Are you looking for money or meaning? Provision or purpose? Good or God? All these things or just one thing? Often, the things you might be seeking are not things that are satisfying. Or you can be looking for right things -- love, peace, God -- but looking in wrong places. God isn't hiding from you, and he isn't distant or absent. He knows you from the inside out. But how well do you know him? One of the best places to start seeking him is in his word: the Bible. Get to know the real God, not some idea of him based on what others have told you or what culture has taught you. Take some time today and just start reading the book of Luke. Or consider joining a bible study so you can seek the God who knows you and would love for nothing more than for you to know him. Then you will find exactly what you're looking for. God made you that promise.