Proceed At Your Own Risk – Day 1

IT'S AN US THING // MAY 16, 2022

The Lord said to Moses, “Come up to me on the mountain and stay here, and I will give you the tablets of stone with the law and commandments I have written for their instruction.”

Exodus 24:12

God provided the 10 commandments after delivering Israel from 400 years of bondage, slavery, pain, oppression and hard work. Not only was it new to them, they were also getting to know each other outside of slavery. God knew they had no idea how to relate to him and very little about relating to each other, so he gave them 10 foundations focusing on healthy relationships. It wasn't a me and God thing, but an us thing: love each other, forgive each other and encourage one another. We can't focus merely on God while ignoring our fellow human beings. In fact, the first four commandments relate to God, but the final six are all about relating to each other, giving us an indication of just valuable our earthly relationships are. 

We all can find ourselves in situations where we overreact or are wounded by another person’s words or actions. We all face problems with people. Sometimes situations escalate and take a good portion of our time, our thoughts and our energy. But God is so good he gave us reliable courses of action to solve our relationship issues. He teaches us how to deal with obstacles and provides us with numerous opportunities to resolve conflicts in our lives. If we follow God’s lead, it will take us into a journey to real, long-lasting peace.

Because you're loved by him, you're called to love like him. But what does loving your neighbor look like? How do you relate to the people around you? You can look to the 10 commandments for foundational instruction and then turn to the new testament for more on how to love. In fact, it contains 54 "one another" passages to see how God intends for us to love: be devoted to one another, love your neighbor as yourself, be tenderhearted toward each other, forgive, live in unity and more. When you love others who are made in God's image, you reflect your love for God, who wants us to have reconciled, intimate and vibrant relationships with him and with others.