Ridiculous Realization - Day 2

HOLD ON! // JUNE 8, 2021

A strong wind was blowing and the waters grew rough.

John 6:18

The disciples found themselves in another storm! In the first storm, Jesus was with them in the boat sleeping. They woke him for rescue, and Jesus spoke to the storm causing them to marvel at who this was to command the weather. 

But now, the disciples find themselves in a different storm, and Jesus seemed to be nowhere in sight.

Storms happen! And in the middle of the rain, the wind and the roar of what you're enduring, it can feel pretty dark, making it difficult to see clearly. So what do we do when problems are present, but Jesus seems absent?

If you're in the middle of a storm, and you just can't see or sense Jesus' presence through the turbulence, hold on! To what? To the ridiculous revelations of the previous miracles. The disciples had just enjoyed the miracle of feeding the masses using a boy's lunch. Are there miracles and storms God's brought you through before? Ridiculous revelations you already enjoyed? 

Take the time to be reminded of those miracles, and hold tight to the revelations, whether it's what he's already done or whether it's his promises he's made in his word. Hold on! As the storm clears, you might realize he was much closer than you could see.