She Is – Day 2

IT'S NOT TOO LATE // MAY 10, 2022

"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” 

Luke 1:45

Elizabeth was the cousin of Mary, Jesus' mother, and she was not only barren, but she was also past child-bearing age. To be barren in those days would have felt like a heavy weight that might have defined her life. Providing your husband with heirs -- especially males -- was seen as a blessing. No doubt there were long years of praying, trying, waiting and hoping, but those days were likely in the past. Yet, with God, nothing is impossible, and it's never too late! In fact, Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist, who God sent to pave the way for Jesus. Jesus would later say of John that "among those born of women, there [had] not risen anyone greater than John" (Matthew 11:11). So not only did God make the impossible happen, he gave Elizabeth a child who would greatly impact a generation!

How often do we look at our lives and deem it too late? We may feel like life has passed us by. We think it's too late to start or launch a new career, too late to get married or have a family, or too late to go back to school. As we see with Elizabeth, it's never too late! God had a plan for Elizabeth and made it possible at the right time. And he has a plan for our lives, too! 

Elizabeth said blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her. What promises are you believing for your life today? Do you have promises you think are long past due? Ask God to give you fresh vision for the plans and promises he has for you today. With God, it's never too late! Receive his blessing to believe that he would fulfill his promises to you!