So Much Better – Day 1


One day, Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer -- at three in the afternoon. 

Acts 3:1

A lot can change in just one day. It might feel like our routines have us reliving the same day over and over again when suddenly ... one day happens. One day the first disciples were catching fish when Jesus saw them, called on them and redirected their lives from catching fish to catching people.

There can be bad one days: like when our spouse walked out on us; when we first heard of COVID-19 before the world changed; the day we lost our job or our home. One day could also suddenly change everything for the better: when we met our spouse or when we got the promotion or dream job. One day can change the trajectory of our lives. We might even recall the one day Jesus touched us. In just one day ... life could get so much better. What if God isn't giving us what we're asking for because he has something better coming our way?

Could today be your one day? Maybe life hasn't gone according to your plan. Maybe it feels disastrous, and you're wondering: God, where are you? If that is you today, know that God will never leave you or forsake you. In fact, he will work all things for your good. God has a purpose for your life that goes beyond your limited understanding. You may have no idea today how God will work out your circumstances for good, but you can trust that he will. His steadfast love surrounds you!