So Much Better – Day 3


Now a man who was lame from birth was being carried to the temple gate called Beautiful ...

Acts 3:2

The man had a crew who carried him daily. It was his routine; he had people in his life who walked with him and for him. What if there had been no one to carry him? He would have missed out on his miracle!

Sometimes we need people who will carry us. We can't always do it on our own: we need help raising the kids, paying the bills or just getting through life! It's so important for us to be part of community: getting connected to the right people can get us to the right places. The right crew can carry us when we can't carry on. What if the miracles we need are found in community? God blesses us through others! We are better together! 

Who's your crew? Do you have people who can carry you to the right places? At the gate, this man met the right people who didn't just help him; they led him to his healing! What steps can you take today to get connected to community? You can join small groups to establish healthy friendships that point you to Jesus. You can serve on a team that helps to build you up to God's purpose and destiny for your life. You have no idea what God can do if you keep the kind of rhythms that keep you connected to community.