Wake Up Call - Day 4


Then Moses said, "Now show me your glory ... " 

But God said, "You cannot see my face ... "

Exodus 33:18,20

After a low point in Israel's unfaithfulness, Moses shows God that he understands the value of his presence over anything he might provide. It's a huge statement about how much Moses desired God's presence! So does it seem surprising that immediately after that exchange, God declines Moses' request to see his face? After all, God said no to Moses because he knew seeing his face would have destroyed Moses, who wasn't ready. 

How do we respond when God says no? How about when it's a relationship that you're set on having, a job you really wanted or an opportunity that feels perfect? Do we trust the giver enough to rest in his no? Maybe a yes would be destructive, not the right timing or just not God's very best for you. We don't have the same mountaintop view that our heavenly father has, so we can't see the full picture the way he can.  

Think about a no you might be experiencing right now. Are you disappointed, angry ... or maybe you feel forgotten? He may not be moving exactly how you want him to move, but maybe he's setting you up to show you just how real he is. If you're struggling with a no from God, we get it. Would you let our team come into agreement with God's plans for you in 2022?