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Ridiculous Realization - Day 1

After a long day of ministry, the disciples headed out together in the boat to go to the other side...

Preparing For Ridiculous - Day 5

Jesus made it clear that the Kingdom of God was not about a particular location. The Kingdom of God was...

Preparing For Ridiculous - Day 4

When Jesus gave his disciples the task of preaching the gospel to the world, they didn't have the ability to...

Preparing For Ridiculous - Day 3

Jesus took his three disciples up on the mountainside where he was transfigured (Matthew says his face shone like the...

Preparing For Ridiculous - Day 2

Not long after Peter's confession of Jesus being the Son of God, he and two other disciples were chosen by...

Preparing For Ridiculous - Day 1

While traveling with his disciples, Jesus asked a critical question. The first time he framed it, he asked, "Who do...

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