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Making God In Our Image - Day 4

The Israelites took a blessing God had given them -- all the gold they had collected from the Egyptians --...

Making God In Our Image - Day 3

After making the golden calf with their own hands, the Israelites got up early and worshiped their new god. Afterward,...

Making God In Our Image - Day 2

In the desert, the Israelites sinned against God by making an idol: a golden calf. They wanted to worship something...

Making God In Our Image - Day 1

Mention the Old Testament, and God's wrath often comes to mind. He gets stereotyped as being old, angry and judgmental....

Peace Out - Day 5

Elisha made the decision to follow and serve Elijah. 

In today's culture, we are faced with people wanting to be the...

Peace Out - Day 4

When Elisha slaughtered the oxen that had previously provided his livelihood, he made a powerful statement of commitment. His example...

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