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Remnant Revival - Day 2

In the day of Amos, religion was popular: people filled the temples and religious feasts. But ongoing sin was eating...

Remnant Revival - Day 1

The prophet Amos lived among a group of shepherds in a small town. He made it clear in his writings...

Wake Up Call - Day 5

God's presence can provide protection we may not even know we needed. He can provide us with a place to...

Wake Up Call - Day 4

After a low point in Israel's unfaithfulness, Moses shows God that he understands the value of his presence over anything...

Wake Up Call - Day 3

The blessing is never greater than the blessor; the gift is never greater than the giver. Moses understood this when...

Wake Up Call - Day 2

The Israelites had had a bad day, they had let God down, failed him, broke the covenant and witnessed death....

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